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I was referred to Dr. Steven Friedman by a fellow triathlete. The wrong running shoes had caused unrelenting pain in my left hip. I had tried several massage therapists and two chiropractors before I was fortunate enough to find Dr. F. His multifaceted approach combining adjustments, kinesiology, acupuncture and herbs quickly got me on the mend and just in time to successfully complete three triathlons in April 2009.


I injured by patella ice skating with my daughter. The subsequent change in my gait caused an old lumbar disc injury to rear its ugly head and had me almost immobilized. The disc created enough pressure to cause pain that radiated down my entire leg, numbness in my foot and the inability to sit for any length of time. I saw several neurologists and surgery was recommended more than once but I opted for a less invasive and more holistic approach with Dr. Steven Friedman first. His adjustments , acupuncture and therapeutic exercises have me almost pain free and able to work again but most importantly I was able to avoid surgery. I can't thank him enough for saving me the pain, expense and unknown outcome of an invasive procedure like surgery.


I have been gradually dissolving a large kidney stone with herbs. From time to time it acts up with a lot of pain. Dr. Friedman made a house call one day when the pain was severe. After his treatment, the pain was reduced 75-80%.

Thank you, Dr. Friedman!

Richard H.

A great time for a session with Dr. Friedman is when I'm feeling tense and anxious. I'm always calm and relaxed after seeing him.