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Dr. Steven Friedman, a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

I’m Dr. Steven Friedman, a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner. I’ve also spent time in China being trained as a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner. I’ve been involved in administering wellness, health and preventative care services for over 35 years. Throughout my lifetime I’ve been involved in many different aspects of delivering acute care and service-oriented care but my love and philosophies coincide more so with preventative care.

I’ve experienced all the changes and theories in nutrition and fitness that have occurred within the past half century. For example, due to technology changes we are no longer required to toil at our jobs. Children sit for hours on computers, video games and cell phones rather playing the old hide n seek, kick the can and other active games.

Dr. Catrine Tudor-Locke a researcher at Pennington Biomedical Research Center and also a Harvard study claims that a person needs to ambulate 6,000-10,000 steps per day to lower their death rate and this borders being active. Today most people are only taking 900-4,000 steps daily. This is considered sedentary.

We all know that obesity is at an all time high. Fifty years ago the obesity rate was in the single digits compared to most recently surpassing 30%.

As the amount of processed foods has increased in our daily diets we are consuming more chemicals and fewer nutrients. Nutrients are fundamental in keeping the body healthy and disease free.

My goal with writing this blog is to share my experience and knowledge to help others choose a healthier life style. I’d like to lead you down a healthier path and possibly ward off procedures and acute medical care that result from neglect or poor health practices.

We are bombarded with numerous theories on health and wellness out in cyberland that are often times confusing and contradictory. I desire sharing simple and user friendly quips on health and wellness to you and the masses of my audience.

I will be blogging on some basic principles of maintaining health and some of the controversial health issues that seem confusing or too sensational to be logical. I also hope to be able to comment on requests from my audience.

To your health,

Steven Friedman

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Safe Effective Aristocrat Substances to Relieve Pain

By Dr. Steven Friedman | February 3, 2021

Instead of resorting to opioids and other addictive pain killers consider some of these natural safe effective substances that can control pain and inflammation: Substance Type of pain substance is best suited to target Curcumin Anti-inflammatory; fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Neuropathic pain Boswellia Chronic joint pain, Arthritis DL-Phenyalanine (DLPA) Pain associated with migraines, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia,…

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Numerous Herbs to Help Control Weight

By Dr. Steven Friedman | February 1, 2021

Some Favorites There are numerous herbs, spices and teas and many other natural substances that can be utilized to help with weight control.   Some of my favorites include: Green Tea which contains a class of compounds called catechins. These are antioxidants that have been associated with an increased metabolism and the ability to stimulate fat…

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The “PMS Monster”-more help

By Dr. Steven Friedman | January 23, 2021

There is mounting evidence for the efficacy of acupuncture to relieve PMS. Traditional Chinese Medicine offers many options for the “PMS Monster”. I will explain specifically how the acupuncture part of Chinese Medicine can help reduce the monster to an angel. Many of the symptoms of PMS occur due to fluctuations of the hormonal system.…

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The “PMS Monster”

By Dr. Steven Friedman | January 5, 2021

Chiropractic can help ease “The PMS Monster” Every month a women goes through a series of changes that serve to prepare her for a possible pregnancy. She goes through a series of peaks and valleys in a 28 day cycle where her hormone levels are fluctuating. This is called a menstrual cycle. It is a…

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“The World’s Strengthening Herbs”

By Dr. Steven Friedman | January 3, 2021

Tonics The Secret to Longevity and Increased Vitality   In Chinese culture ginseng has been considered one of life’s necessities for millennia. Millions of Chinese reach for the herb regularly. They believe it will slow aging, enhance sexual  excellence, and prevent disease. You may not be aware that there are many other herbs that are used…

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Take the Edge off of Stress with Herbs

By Dr. Steven Friedman | January 1, 2021

Herb advice for relieving stress As a herbalist I often concoct formulas for patients for anxiety and stress, mixing several specific ingredients that can work together to help them in my office pharmacy; these are based on their needs and my evaluation. There are certainly some singular herbs you can use on your own that…

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