Overcoming Spinal Problems Using Herbs

Herbs can strengthen the spine and disc

In addition to the Chinese, American Indians, Greeks, and Middle Eastern cultures used herbs, roots, and plants to assist overcoming physical ailments. Many cultures rely heavily on natural remedies. Even in modern day India, much like Traditional Oriental Medicine in China, the practice of Ayurvedic Medicine and herb therapy prevails over Western medicine.

The uniqueness of Chinese herb therapy is the art of combining herbs to make a concoction not specific for the spinal pain but to the individual and the cause of the spinal pain. It is this aspect of Chinese herb therapy that focuses on the cause of the spinal pain and not only the symptoms.

Some Favorites that you can incorporate into your healing regime include:

1. Tumeric, “Tame the Pain”-

2. Ginger, “Achy Change of Weather Type Pain” –

3. Kava Kava, “Relax the Muscle Tension” –

4. Eucommia, ” Those Aching Joints in the Back” –

5. Ox-Knee Root, ” Spinal Pain resulting in Weak Knees”-

6. Ramuls Mori, ” Pain and Swelling”-

7. Dan Gui, ” Degenrating Disc”-

8. White Willow Bark, ” Alternative to Apsirin”

9. Grapple Plant, ” Helps abate Connective TIssue Degeneration”

10. Liorice Root, ” Cortisone Impersonator (without the side effects)”

There are many other herbs that can assist spinal conditions. Herbs  are best used in a custom formula made specific for the individual and the presenting condition.