Numerous Herbs to Help Control Weight

Some Favorites

There are numerous herbs, spices and teas and many other natural substances that can be utilized to help with weight control.   Some of my favorites include: Green Tea which contains a class of compounds called catechins. These are antioxidants that have been associated with an increased metabolism and the ability to stimulate fat burning. Gymnema Sylvestre helps control the sweet tooth.  Reshi Mushrooms which I frequently use in my athletes herbal formulas. This mushroom builds strength and immunity to fight fatigue. The way it helps with weight control is if you are feeling strong and energetic it is much easier to stick to exercise and eat healthier. The famous Ginseng can boost your drive and increase metabolism. This is an interesting combination, black pepper combined with red pepper (if your taste buds can handle it?) may block the formation of fat cells and can burn extra calories. Another favorite is ginger it has an appetite suppressant effect with thermogenic properties.  Ask your friendly herbal pharmacist for the best herbs and spices for your weight loss program.