Health and Beauty more than Skin Deep

Reason for Spinal Maintenance

Acutonix believes health and beauty is more than skin deep. Look at the lovely spines in these healthy spinal beauty contest winners. An important overlooked aspect of Health and wellness is your spine maintenance and function. Your function and health rely on the functioning of your nervous system which is encased in your spine. Distortion of the spine can lead to problems with your nervous system.

Reasons to keep up on your spinal maintenance:

1) Poor Posture Habits – contributes to pain and spinal problems

2) Ergonomics – improper work stations lead to pain and possible injury

3) Inappropriate exercise or no exercise – can’t hold alignment if the muscles are weak and joints are strained, will lead to spinal problems

4) Inflexible due to underuse or nutritional deficits – susceptible to injury, hard to adjust when inflexible

5) Past Back Surgeries – can be prone to deteriorate & future back problems

6) High Stress – tight muscles, prone to headaches, postural distortions

7) Bad Diet – prone to headaches, weight gain leading to back problems, nutritional deficiencies leading to joint and muscle problems

8) History of Back Problems – prone to having re-aggravation and recurrence if not monitored

9) Scoliosis- out of balance, need to monitor curve regression and progression

10) Overweight (joint stress)– prone to back problems

11) Diabetes – prone to neuropathies, headaches, may be overweight

12) Heart Disease – back problems may mask other problems

13) Pregnancy (changes in mechanics of spine)– prone to back problems

14) Immune-suppressed – spinal adjustments boost immunity, reducing unnecessary stress and strain

15) Children – heavy backpacks, active lifestyle, sports, growing pains

16) Compulsive “Self-Poppers” – the real problems are not being addressed

17) Smokers – damaging discs may leave them prone to deterioration

18) Medications – may be masking pain, causing joint, muscle & nerve problems to progress

19) Arthritis – lack of spinal motion will further deteriorate joints

20) Desk Pilot & Video Gamers – prone to carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain, headache & postural problems

Take the time to take care of your spine; have periodic visits with your chiropractor even if not in pain, so the spine can be checked and maintained.