Control “The PMS Monster”-

Your Choice- Medication, Foods, Herbs, Supplements & Lifestyle

Most medical doctors will suggest anti-inflammatory or analgesic medications to help ease the pain caused by the monthly menstrual cycle. There is certainly some evidence that over-the-counter medications such as naproxen or ibuprofen can reduce these symptoms.

There are many more natural remedies and lifestyle choices you can make that are effective for controlling PMS. Some of them are preventative and others have been shown to help while the symptoms are occurring.

Lifestyle changes that can help ease the symptoms of PMS

1.  Exercise regularly each week

2.  Eat a healthy diet such as fruits, vegetables, seaweed and whole grains

small amounts of lean hormone-free meats, fish (salmon, mackerel)

3.  Avoid cold temperature foods, commercial red meats and poultry that may contain

hormones and steroids, salt, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol

4.  Try to get 8 hours of quality sleep each night

5.  Find heathy alternatives to cope with stress such as yoga, qi gong, meditation, talking

friends, exercise, reading

6.  Do not smoke

Vitamins and minerals that can help relieve PMS symptoms

1.  Folic Acids (400 micrograms)

2.  Vitamin D and Calcium (depends on age)

3.  Magnesium (400 milligrams)

4.  Vitamin B-6 (50-100mg)

5.  Vitamin E (500IU)

Individual Herbs and Herbal Formulas

1.  Traditional formula: Classic Modified Merry Life Formula and Cool the Blood Formula

2.  Maca

3.  Vitex

4.  Rasberry Leaf

5.  Burdock root

6.  Lemon Balm